Gone to the Dogs (2016)

The Third One

All songs written by Matti Jasu
Recorded by Sami Lehtonen
Mixed and mastered by Aleksi Friman
Additional recordings by Matti Jasu
Produced by Aleksi Friman & Matti Jasu
Matti Jasu – acoustic & electric guitars, harmonica, vocals, Rhodes, keyboards
Janne Kauppinen – electric guitar, backing vocals
Markus Jalonen – bass
Iiro Kotiranta – drums, backing vocals




What Goes On

Well let me tell you what has happened so far
We’ve been dodging disasters
left, right and centre again
Everyone’s still chasing the good times
and summer appeared after spring
as it often does
Now it’s taking a turn
and I’m trying my best to hold on
Someone’s going crazy again
I got a hole in my floor
There’s a note on the door
but I don’t mind
I try to see a silver lining
So let me keep my head in the clouds
for awhile
I lean on the ropes
and I try to run out the clock
The city floats in the heat
Everywhere the hot concrete
begins to burn right from the dawn
I want you to stay close
It seems that no-one knows
what goes on
Roll the side-windows down
Ok, let’s get out of town
Soon we’ll be driving around
somewhere else
All I get from here is a headache
Every peanut brain wants a slice
of the cake
Try to find your own business to mind
so you won’t waste our time
The city floats…


Light the Lights

See the coast
get the most out of summer days
Scoop me off the floor and we’ll be on our way
Have gun, will travel
got the dancing shoes
An overload in my circuit burns out the fuse
Watching The Muppet Show on tv
We’re hanging at your place
The rain comes down and breaks the heat
A country song, Vet’s hospital
and Pigs In Space
Feels like I’m back on my feet
The arms of the clock are on the number 12
I’m turning into an outline of myself
Standing in the dark looking down the street
And now you’re beside me swaying to the beat
Watching The Muppet Show…


Race You Down to the Ground

I was waiting for the rain to end
so I could make a new start
The days were rolling by
Nature took control over the backyard
The changes are piling up
I’m losing control and I’m feeling tense
Smiles and shaking hands
The words I’ve spoken just don’t make sense
I fell out of context
Doing all right on a downhill slide
I’ll race you down to the ground
The light of loneliness finds me wherever I hang out
Everything keeps breaking down
and I don’t know the reason why
I just try to stay out of the way as the pieces fly
Damned if I do
damned if I don’t
There’s no escape from the show
Slipping into a dream
I’m out of time and everything gets slow
I’m trying to fool you
but I think you see behind the smoke
I get up to stretch my legs
walk up to a counter, get myself a coke
I need something to do
Doing all right…


Creature from the Past

I passed the aerodrome
I passed the empty places
There was a tree there before
with the shoes hanging by their laces
I saw you in the shade
as I pulled down to the station
I didn’t catch your name
I know you’re out of rotation
All these years slowly burning
A creature from the past gives you a scare
It pulled into your driveway, you feel it stare
I’m calling your bluff
You’re thoughts are not from this season
I got nothing to be afraid of
I’ll fight the head of the demon
See what you’re up against
Meet my new persona
I’m the comeback kid
and I’ll be staying till it’s over
All these years slowly burning
A creature from the past gives you a scare
It pulled into your driveway, you feel it stare
A creature from the past gives you a scare
It moves down the hallway and up the stairs
A creature from the past…


Sideshow Heartbreak

There’s something broken
and you don’t fix it even though you know you could
You don’t get jealous or angry
even though you know you should
You keep ignoring the warning signs
but that won’t get you far
Soon you have to admit to yourself
what you’re feelings are
Even if it hurts
Now your love steps out from the frame
it’s no longer the same
But it’s the wrong time and the place
and there’s nothing I can do or say
Oh I get the sideshow heartbreak
The cold wind is blowing
and the lake is in the frozen chains
I’m thinking of you
that’s how I spend most of my days
I heard you got out of town
They were pretty sure that it was you
So now there’s a one broken heart less
but still the same amount of fools
File me under that kind
Now your love steps…


I Have to Turn My Back On You

I had every good intention
to stay home and polish my stamp collection
when someone called
and asked me to come to a show
First I said “well…” and then “yes”
Some sort of a catastrophic social function
is what I need
Then I took my keys and left
I have to turn my back on you
I have to turn my back on you
I have to turn my back on you
I have to turn my back on you
And then I’m talking with her
I’m tuning up like a rusty guitar string
out in the rain
my trail back home is getting washed away
I have to walk by the fire
and spin my heart and brain back to their own places
I open the door
and I let the tornado in
I have to turn my back on you
I have to turn my back on you
I have to turn my back on you
I have to turn my back on you


Dogs On Patrol

Snooping around
with the nose to the ground on a dirt trail
It’s Friday
We’re taking a walk under the sun
Sometimes you got to stop
to check out what has gone by
And after a moment
you speed up to a run
And catch up to the pack
Everyone knows it
Here come the noisy and nosy
The dogs are on patrol
The black cats better move along
Do not cross our path
A tough year behind us
the stress and the fuss
made our days bleak
In Fall the wave of troubles took
the better of you
But it’s getting better now
We starting to get a grip on the changes
We just keep our heads down
and power through
Here we go again
Everyone knows it…



Two men from Switzerland
came down in their Mercedes-Benz
We lay down in the darkness
as they drove to the border fence
At the gate the car was stopped
The dogs barked and we were photographed
Eavesdropping on you all day
with the headphones and the big reel tapes
that’ll roll over you if you try to escape
Down here you’re just a number instead of a name
Ten years later
she was able to access her own files
After reading the papers
she stood there like paralyzed
Now she knows who was the one
Her man holds the smoking gun


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