Pin On the Map (2013)

The second album

Also available on iTunes and Spotify among others
All songs written by Matti Jasu
Produced by Aleksi Salo & Matti Jasu
Recorded by Sami Lehtonen
Mixed and mastered by Aleksi Salo
Matti Jasu – electric & acoustic guitars, harmonica, lead & backing vocals
Janne Kauppinen – electric guitar, backing vocals
Markus Jalonen – bass
Aleksi Salo – drums
Olli Attila – piano, Rhodes
Guest musicians (backing vocals on “The New Year”): Essi, Valtteri, Appu and Iiro




Pin On the Map

Sometimes you need some elbow grease
to make troubled times to cease
So I took the blues by surprise
Like a cowboy kept my powder dry
and waited ‘till I saw the whites in its eyes
I’m a needle in the hay
but you’re a pin on the map
and I count on you
No matter what they say
Whatever we have
we got nothing to lose
Metallic muscles are moving strong
Black blood is flowing on
Far away is close at hand
I feel good flying down the road
Sometimes I drive slow, sometimes fast – if I can
I’m a needle…


Love That DIDN’T Fail

I’m not wasting your time
and you don’t waste mine
can you see that?
I’m willing to admit
that we got something in this
something I’ve never had
Instrumental part
I remembered our times
some were bad, some were fine
and some were great
Then you asked “Jesus Christ, are you crying?”
“No, I got something in my eye”
it was love that didn’t fail


Heart Has Hit The Fan

While ago there was a party they held as a public stunt
I was there and I felt like Robin Hood
I think they were afraid my presence could spoil their fun for good
And I was hoping that it would
I was there for you
If heads I win, tails you lose
Let’s flip the coin
Trying everything to prove a point
But when it rains, it pours
It’s a package deal
My heart has hit the fan and I’m getting mean
And though I promised myself I’d see which way the wind blows now
I didn’t do it and I now see where it leads
So here I am going out of control, I’m unsafe at any speed
I don’t know what I’m doing behind the wheel
If heads I win…


The New Year

I got my economical smile on my face
while standing in a crowded hall
The girls gossip in the kitchen and give you a stare
if you walk by their door
Let’s hope that the new year brings
Peace and love
you know, that sort of thing
And don’t worry, I’ll find the right track
I just have to try
(10, 9, 8)
everything else before that
You can’t buy happiness or love, yes I know
But let me tell you how I feel
I already got love and I’m happy so now –
money is all I need
Let’s hope that the new year brings
Fame and fortune
you know, that sort of thing
And don’t worry, I’ll find the right track
I just have to try
(7, 6, 5)
everything else before that
Let’s hope…


She Won’t Come Back

He added more fuel to the fire
and said some things he would regret
It caused her to run upstairs crying
and to shut her door with an angry kick
And now she’s leaving home without a warning
the moon shows her the way wherever she’s going
Runaway with her flying shoes on
She has made up her mind
She’ll find whatever she’s looking for
and won’t come back this time
Her daddy sure knows how to make money
her family is wealthy and rich
But she really hates the way how he does it
It really doesn’t fit with her ethics
And now she’s leaving home without a warning
the moon shows her the way wherever she’s going
Runaway with her…



The sky is breathing in
and the clouds are about to crack
I can foretaste the rain
and my shirt is glued on my back
Sinister air on my shoulders
On the roadside the once whispering leaves are all quiet
Don’t get crazy, get even
that’s what you believe in
But can you fall on your feet?
Don’t look back ‘cause it’s bad for you
when you’ve got enough blue
to paint the waves of the sea
I remember how she looked
when driving back from the Home
Like a method actress
she tried to get into her new role
Don’t ask me what could happen
If you have to ask for the price you can’t afford it
Don’t get crazy…


Fury Above the Average

She and her mom
got their ages reversed
Whenever mother fell
she was there to nurse
Her life is tough but sure makes her qualified
to deal with the mean and the jealous and the violent kind
“Leave her alone”
I said “leave her alone
or I’ll cut you down
and it won’t take long”
Well I guess I should not have said anything at all
Bleeding all over her kitchen floor


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