Samurai vs the Computer (2012)

The Debut

Also available on iTunes, Amazon and Spotify among others
All songs written by Matti Jasu
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Aleksi Salo
Piano recordings by Sami Lehtonen
Produced by Aleksi Salo & Matti Jasu
Matti Jasu – acoustic & electric guitars, piano, harmonica, vocals, Rhodes
Janne Kauppinen – electric guitar, pedal steel, backing vocals
Markus Jalonen – bass
Iiro Kotiranta – drums




Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind

The original cast headlines the show

The papers praise and the papers – they sure know

Just aimless notes from left to right

the bleeding radiation of an angry mind


It’s my drums and your beat

And never the twain shall meet


Close encounters of the third kind

Close encounters of the third kind

Close encounters of the third kind

all the time


Some people had problem with grandpa John

who could have kicked the shit out of them all

But he couldn’t be bothered less

He answers to no-one and lives for himself


Falling down from the tree of time

when the strangers’ worlds collide


Close encounters of the third kind…


Here They Come

Here they come on their magic bus

All those flyers in their hands

They got ideals for every one of us

Just wait until you hear their chant


Fun and failure

they both start out the same way

Our lives are too good

Lucky we have you so we can prey
I was channel surfing just the other day

Saw a man on the platform

“Call this number, call it right away”

he said sounding like a storm


Seems like they might

need some financial help there

God knows where it goes

It’s funny how some people dare


Fingers Crossed

Why do I go down to an underground garage at night

I hear the condensation water drippin’ from the pipes

Screaming sound of the car wheels

echoes off the concrete walls


Even Superman does this on his free time

and sometimes I just wish I had the powers of his kind

I see the balloons on TV

There’s one for every lie they tell


And everyone

has their fingers crossed

When the morning comes

they will know who has lost


We went from door to door, tried to get someone to speak

But no-one said a word because of the powers that be

We almost ran out of hope

The more they had seen, the less they spoke


Now tweedle-dees and tweedle-dums wait for the sun

Soon everyone will know what they have done

To keep the game good and clean

the messengers have to be free


And everyone…


Flood Over the Gate

Time was runnin’ out through bullet holes

in your town in the West

They put you in charge, gave you guns

and a shining star on your chest


Flood over the gate

How much can you take?

They’re all over your nerves

when it’s you who should be served


When you hear the pound of the drums

you’ll find out who’s your friend

Be with those who won’t turn on you

and steal your gold in the end




You Should Know By Now

Brand new love

You think you never had it so good

But a sword hangs right above you

and I know that you see it too

Still you think you can get away with this

even if he’s with someone else

Well if you’re so damn sharp

watch out you won’t cut yourself


Trying to pull the devil by its nose again

You should know by now you’re not that good

You’re bound for trouble and you know how it’s going to end

You’ll end up being the fool
No bad deed

goes unpunished in this town

Everybody here

just goes round and round and round

And you’ll find in front of you

something you thought you left behind

So you better quit your low down ways

they’ll gonna get you everytime


Trying to pull the devil…


It’s Your Own Fault If You Fall In Love

It’s soon wintertime and the snow will cover our tracks

All the birds fly to south but I see you coming back

What a drag


It’s your own fault

if you fall in love

Try to be bold

and see how the things really are

Now it gets cold

Find a new place where it’s warm


Anything goes as an excuse to jump into the flow

But if you’re not strong you’ll be taken by the undertow

No no no


It’s your own fault

if you fall in love

Try to be bold

and see how stupid you are

Now it gets cold

Find a new place where it’s warm


One More Time and It’s Over

I felt a weight over me

like I was on the bottom of the sea

The troubles came in from the doors and windows

but that’s my own fault I suppose


So I did some stuff

I’m not that proud of

You know everything I guess

I can never pass your tests


One more time and it’s over

I wish I hadn’t heard that before

But I know I’ll continue as long as I don’t get caught


I know it might be

hard to love a guy like me

who’s not always by your side

who hurts you and makes you cry


No matter how it is

can I trust you on this?

Keep the engine running

I’ll come back soon and hop in


One more time and it’s over…


Samurai vs the Computer

Slipstream helps to gain the speed as he gives it a try

and tries to overtake

But it’s going to be hard

Calculating all the chances while the other one

makes up his own rules

and believes in his God


Two different ways of how to win

Remember what happened at Estoril


He was sitting in his car completely lost in thoughts

without his helmet on

you saw his face

The Professor knew that there was something strange

something in his friend had changed

before the race


He knew his life was on a string

The lap number 6 changed everything


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