Yada Yada Yada

I did a little Q&A for P+M magazine (Japan). The interview can be found in the latest issue (14) and you can download it for free from here. “The New Year” is on the compilation that comes with the mag.
Pin On the Map is featured on When You Motor Away blog.
A couple of reviews of Pin On the Map (in finnish): desibeli.net and Levy Päivässä blog.

“Pin On the Map” Out Now

The new album “Pin On the Map” is out now! It’s available for purchase on my Bandcamp page, iTunes and on bunch of other services soon. You can listen to the songs also on my SoundCloud page. See the lyrics & other info on the Music page.



Video – The Piano Ambush

Here’s the second single from the upcoming album. The video shows us recording the song in the dark of the studio:

This instrumental piece was the last tune we recorded in our approx. 6 hours studio visit. We left it last because we hadn’t really got it together before the sessions (the piano player Olli came straight to the studio – we hadn’t had a chance to rehearse with him). So we thought there might be some hassle with the arrangement and cut the 7 other songs before this. But it didn’t take that long to record this song after all and the 4th take was the final one.
One is tempted with a song like this to produce it more, to make it bigger. And at one point I had some trumpets and tambourines and whatnot in my mind. But I came to a conclusion that I like it best when I just hear the band playing together. And I’m also lazy. So there’s zero overdubs in this one.