Matti Jasu is a songwriter, singer and musician from Turku, Finland. His music blends together various genres such as rock, pop, psychedelia, alternative country and electronic. Jasu has released four albums: the playful and layered Up and Running (2020), the guitar-driven Gone to the Dogs (2016), the americana-influenced Pin On the Map (2013) and the freewheeling, stripped-down debut Samurai vs the Computer (2012). From the straightfoward singer-songwriter rock to the electronic, genre-hopping tunes with sampling and funky drum loops, the key elements of Jasu’s music are the 60s/70s-influenced classic pop songwriting and independent production.

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They Said What???

I think what’s most impressive about Up and Running (aside from the quality of the songs) is the sheer range of ideas on display and how Jasu has managed to filter them into a coherent, often-glorious thirty-seven minutes of music.
I Said Yeah, 2020

Soundi, 2020 (Up and Running album)

At times, there’s sort of a space-rock a la Bowie vibe, yet other times Jasu pulls back into a casual pop styling…infiltrating the structures with electronic samples and space antics.
Austin Town Hall, 2019 (The Money Pit single)

Gone To The Dogs: Jasu populates this eight-track offering with peaceful easy feelings and pointed guitar work. This duality is best experienced on the yin-yang back-to-back duo of “Race You Down To The Ground,” with its swaying, early-70s Southern California vibe, and “Creature From The Past,” with is serious riffage.
Pop That Goes Crunch! – Best EPs of 2016

desibeli.net, 2013 (Pin On the Map album)

Matti Jasu has become a really prolific songwriter and release a new album every year. That’s not a bad thing as long as he can keep the quality high enough. Doesn’t seem to be a problem, because this 2013 release Pin On The Map is an excellent album that has been spinning a lot in my head.
One Chord To AnotherTop Finnish Albums of the Year 2013

The last three minutes of that song (“Pin On the Map”) are a guitar lover’s dream come true. No pretense, just a loping rhythm section and a guitar workout that would make Young and Sampedro proud. And even though the best stuff (to me) is the guitar-heavy rock, he plays some very engaging folk rock too.
When You Motor Away, 2013

This is a very fine pop album and as a fine pop album, so obviously it is strong on the melodies and has timeless choruses. But it also includes some very Neil Young inspired guitar licks to spice things up. In fact, the 15-minute long album closer might pass as a Crazy Horse song.
Glue, Best Albums of 2012

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